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Subject: Dominated in Brazil Chapter 1Last year I took a trip with my girlfriend Jenny to Brazil. Yeah I
know...when you go to Brazil you shouldn't go with your girlfriend,
what's the point? Rio is full of hot, sexy beach girls who'll fuck your
brains out. But we were hot for each other and figured we'd go there,
hang out, stay on the beach, and basically fuck 24/7, or "expand our
erotic life." My girlfriend's freaky and experimental so I figured we
might even go for a threesome. These things were true...I just didn't see
how our "erotic life" would "expand" or exactly what kind of a threesome
we were in for! But I don't want to get ahead of myself.First of all, lesbians teens about us. We're a typical uhmm..."hot" college couple. Last
year we were both 20 when this happened. She's a smoking 5'7 with a firm,
feminine body, beautiful skin, awesome ass, and a nice size C that looks
great on her. With dirty-blond hair, blue eyes, and a navel ring, she
completes the picture of "hot college babe" and I considered myself lucky
to have her, the envy of every guy we met. Not that I'm bad myself! I
stand about 5'10, messy blond hair, a cute boyish face tits facial teen porn (at least that's
what she/other girls tell me) and a nice, tight body that I tits facial teen porn got from
running, working out, and most important, being on the diving team at my
school. I usually have a tan too, which doesn't hurt with the girls.Anyway we decided to go to Rio over winter break. I won't bore you with the
details. We had a great time on the beach, walking around, going out to
nightclubs, trying the local food, checking out all the hot Brazilian girls
tanning without a top at the beach, going to the beach some more, you get
the idea. After a few days we were both working on our tans and she looked
fucking hot! I had to protect her from a number of advances... not just
locals but also annoying tourists, drunks, whatever. Wasn't too hard I'm a
pretty tough guy, been asian hardcore teen sex
in plenty of fights. And, oh yes, we spent the whole
night fucking each others' brains out, often well into the morning and
sometimes afternoon. A great time!One day though I decided to hungarian teen porn
leave her at the beach on Ipanema, with a
French girl we had met and become friends with. I like my gf, but
frankly, I always need some time for myself, and I wanted to check things
out on my own for a while. I walked around the beach for a while, had a
beer with two Australian guys and checked out all the hot-ass girls
walking by, went into a videogame arcade, and then I walked into a juice
stand across free teen porn picks from the apartment we had rented. I didn't want to stay in a
hotel because I wanted more privacy and it was nicer anyway. I ordered
some delicious unknown-fruit medley and absentmindedly watched a soccer
game on TV until a few minutes later I looked back toward the stand. I
was left sort of speechless...A few feet in front of me a guy was having some kind of juice. Now I'm
not gay or anything and had never done anything with another guy, but
something about him left me stunned. He was around my height but packed a
lot more muscle. He wasn't exactly a bodybuilder, but he was seriously
built, had a deep tan and a very handsome face; he didn't look hispanic I
guess, more white, but he had a very deep tan and was wearing just
surfing shorts. What amazed me was the perfection of his didn't
look grotesque or over-defined like on some older guys who've been
working out for years or took steroids. You could see almost every
muscle, but there was nothing unnatural or artificial about it; his
six-pack was more like an eight-pack and I was in a trance by how perfect
it was, I mean it wasn't like a hint or outline of muscle, it really
seemed to be cut out of marble. He was also watching the screen, not
really noticing me.A few minutes later I looked back up to his face. He had noticed I was
checking out his body I think...I must have turned a few shades of red.
This in turn made me even more embarrassed, so I looked away. I looked
back up maybe half a minute later. He was watching the screen again. I
couldn't take my eyes off his defined, bronzed, glistening muscles. I
couldn't believe it, but I was getting hard! It was not like watching a
girl and getting hard though. I felt weak in his presence. What the fuck
was happening? Then I looked back up to his handsome face again. He was
watching me. Although I became flustered again I didn't look away. He
didn't have much of a reaction one way or another to me looking at him it
seems. I couldn't read him. He wasn't angry, surprised, uncomfortable or
anything. He just stared back at me for a few seconds, he seemed relaxed
and confident. Then he watched TV again while he was finishing his juice.We continued doing this back and forth for a few more minutes I guess.
Then he finished his juice and walked away. I saw the muscles in his back
play under his silky, tan skin and then it glistened when the sun hit it.
He was waiting for the stoplight. I quickly paid off and walked outside,
trying my best to hide my hard-on. I knew I was doing something weird but
I couldn't stop myself, and don't think I would have wanted to at this
point. I wasn't sure what I was going to do anyway! I walked up next to
him. He glanced at me, nodded as if to say "hi" and quickly looked me up
and down. I was impressed by how confident and relaxed he was, but I
guess he had no reason not to be; it's just that I'm sure he saw I was
nervous and so on. He just ignored me though and started to cross the
street. I followed!As we were walking side by side, he spoke to me in accented English. He
said, "Hi." I looked back at him and said hi. "What is your name?" He
spoke pretty good English. "Tom," I said. Anyway he didn't say anything
but we had just reached the other side of the street. He put his hand out
nonchalantly, "Hi Tom, I'm Carlos." I took his hand but he just gave it
one shake, not even, and released, not rudely, but as if he was asian hardcore teen sex
things. We just stood looking at each other for a few seconds; he didn't
have an aggressive look on his face or anything, but his relaxed
confidence and iciness, mixed with a somewhat friendly air, were
unnerving, I felt myself getting hard again. His eyes seem to look right
through mine. "Where are you staying?" he asked. I gulped. "Over here," I
signaled with a nod at the building a couple down behind him. "Cool," he
said, as if he was accepting a dinner invitation, signaled with his head
and turned around.What the fuck was going on! Yet I was still hard...and looking at his
magnificent muscled back, his cut triceps, perfect calves, and even just
his demeanor settled things and almost without thinking I was following
behind him. We went in past the doorman and soon we were in the elevator.
He didn't say anything while we were going up just watched the door while
I couldn't take my eyes off his body. The next few seconds were a flurry
but teen dream porn
soon I was unlocking the door teen porn freepics
to my apartment. Carlos immediately
grabbed my forearm and dragged me inside. I let myself be led by him to
the center of the living room. He took my forearm and placed it so that
my palm rested on his incredible abs.The contact was electric I felt weak in the knees. His tan skin was
smooth and soft and it covered muscle that just seemed to vibrate with
vitality. My hand was just frozen there. I looked in his face and free gay teen dating lost
it. He was very handsome with short brown hair and brown eyes, a perfect
face...and again he just seemed to have none nude teens an aura about him that was
totally dominant. He wasn't trying or anything...just his natural
confidence was overwhelming. "This is what you were looking at?" he
asked, a wry smile on his russian teen porn free face."Yeah," I said, and licked my lips. He smirked. "So?" he asked. "What
else do you want?" I didn't say anything I just looked at his body, his
chiseled pecks and rock-hard shoulders. He noticed but didn't say
anything. I extended my other hand and felt his shoulder and the mature licks teen power
there. "Can I?" I asked. He just slightly did an "up" nod as if to say
"go ahead." I did just that. I ran my hands on his chest, several times
on the magnificent ridges of his abs, on his shoulders and I felt his
biceps. He was just looking teen beach porn at me smiling wryly or smirking at times. He
curled his right bicep. I was in a total trance. He didn't object teen forced sex as
Ieaned forward. My face was close to his powerful bicep now, I felt the
heat coming from it. Tentatively I reached out with my tongue and licked
it. I felt his smell...a mixture of soap, sweat, and a hint of the sea
and the beach from where he had clearly just come and my dick got a lot
harder. He just stood there why I licked and then French kissed his
bicep. My face was red-hot and hungarian teen porn
my heart was pounding in my head, but I
was too far gone to think about what asian hardcore teen sex I was doing!Pretty soon though he grabbed be by the back of my neck and made me face
him again. He seemed to dominate and penetrate me with his eyes. With his
other arm he grabbed my forearm again and led my hand to his cock. I
gasped. It was already half hard and bulging in his surfing trunks. I was
amazed by how thick it was. It seemed also to be very hot to the touch,
even through the fabric. He released my arm but I kept massaging his
growing cock. "You like that?" "Yeah..." I answered breathlessly. "Good,"
he said. He released the back of my neck and just made a slight motion
with his face but the intention was clear. Without another word I dropped
to my knees in front of this other guy I'd just met. My head was spinning
but I couldn't stop.Carlos put one hand on my head and slowly started unstringing his shorts
with the other. He kicked off his flipflops. I was still massaging his
growing free teen midget porn
bulge. But in a few seconds he was done pulling the strings and
his shorts fell to his feet. His huge cock snapped upwards and hit me on
the face and then rested on my forehead. I was left breathless at the
sight before me. He looked like a god. His cock must have been at least
eight or nine inches and thick, with huge full balls, and his smell was
intoxicating. His hips and thigs were muscular and defined, he had a
defined V running around his lower was a picture of virility
and power. Carlos kicked his shorts away and with his now free hand he
grabbed the base of his cock. He knocked it a couple of times on free teen midget porn my
forehead and then rubbed it on my face and lips. I was breathing pretty
hard...I couldn't believe what was going on, but I couldn't stop it. Soon
he started knocking his cock back and forth on my cheeks slapping them
pretty hard...whack...whack..whackk...while he looked into my eyes."Good girl," he said and patted my head. My cock teen porn freepics stirred in my shorts. I
reached down to rub myself but he kicked my hand away. "Open up," he
said. I did. He bent over. I thought he was going to kiss me but he
stopped a few inches above and spat several times into my mouth! I
couldn't believe it. He then raised up again over me and I watched his
amazing abs extend and his massive pecs, the ridges of his collar bone,
and his handsome face and eyes still penetrating mine. "Swallow like a
good girl," he said smirking. I made a face and closed my mouth...was I
going to do it? Soon I saw his free hand clench into a fist. In a mixture
of fright and lust I swallowed immediately and looked up into his eyes.
"Cool," he said, approvingly, and his hand unclenched. Somehow this
experience made me even more in awe of him, and hotter. I felt both
relieved and proud. Then it happened. He grabbed the base of his cock and
aimed it at my lips. teen bed porn "Suck my dick." I was in a daze as the head of his
thick cock moved past my lips and into my rapidly expanding mouth. I let
my tongue dance on the head of his magnificent cock and was rewarded with
a moan of appreciation. He took his cock back out of my mouth and whacked
my cheeks around with it some more. I looked past his muscular, lean, tan
body into his handsome face. He had a look of calm determination and
lust. Looking straight into my eyes he stuck his cock back into my mouth.Carlos didn't waste any time now. A few short thrusts on my tongue, and
then he quickly reached my throat. porn z teen I already instinctively covered my
teeth with my lips. I let my tongue cover the thick underside of his
cock...I was in heaven, slurping and sucking greedily on this stud's huge
cock! With a grunt he started poking my throat with it several times and
I gagged. He continued though...back and forth, slow, then faster...I
choked on his cock... making noises ugh ugh ugh ugh, I felt soo fucking
slutty like I'd seen girls to in porn movies. I couldn't help myself. I
put my hands on his hips and felt his incredible power as he speared my
throat again and again. I felt just about ready to come without touching
myself! Carlos himself seemed to speed up.Then he suddenly slowed down. Slowly he started withdrawing his cock from
my mouth. I felt its thickness and heat as he drew back until finally he
withdrew completely and the head was bobbing aggressively in front of my
eyes. He kept it there for a few seconds until I totally lost it. With my
hands resting on his perfect abs I started showering his amazing cockhead
with a flurry of kisses and licks. He just chuckled and plunged back into
my mouth, but slow. He speared my throat in one thrust, then withdrew
again completely from my mouth. Then back again. Carlos kept this up at
his leisure withdrawing his cock with pop then plunging back in again. I
was mesmerized by this sight of his cock exiting my mouth and then going
back in. My fatass teen porn hands moved down to his thighs to feel the muscles there and
I felt my own cock swell even more! With the last thrust though he
plunged deep into my throat cutting off all air, and he kept it pushed in
there until I was getting pretty uncomfortable unable to breathe!Without missing a beat Carlos withdrew only slightly before again cutting
off my air while I tried, unsuccessfully to push him off against his
stone-hard hips and abs. But feeling his dominance, power and
determination was too much and with a weak moan I started coming without
touching myself. Just while finn teen porn tgp this was happening Carlos withdrew his cock
from my mouth, grabbed the back of my head with his other hand, and shot
several huge volleys...the first one went tree teen porn
way over my head, the next two
whacked my forehead pretty hard, then again and again all over my face
and neck...he did this while I was coming down from my high and it was seemed like he was just shooting a massive amount of come.Finally I felt his body relax slightly from the climax. Though I was
totally covered in his cum I opened my eyes slightly and saw his awesome,
tan desperate teens xxx
muscular body, now covered in a light sheen of sweat and
glistening...and of course his massive cock still hovering dominantly
over my face. "Open," he grunted, and I did. He beat his cock several
times on my tongue and some more come splattered out now into my mouth
and on my lips. Carlos had me carefully clean his cock while he wiped off
come from my face with two fingers and was feeding it to me. After a
short while he just pulled out. He grabbed a shirt I had left on a chair,
wiped his cock clean, then pushed it into my face. I fell backwards on my
ass, and heard him chuckle. As I was cleaning off my face with the shirt
and even gladly licking some of his come off my fingers I saw that he had
already put his shorts on and was stepping back teen super boobs porn into his flip flops.
Without mature and teen
so much as a second thought he headed for the door saying
"Thanks... pussy."I watched Carlos' glistening, muscled back step out, his come still on my
face and chest, in my mouth, and feeling totally spent...and wondered if
I'd run into him again...
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